Bella Bella Salon.   An atmosphere of beauty, serenity and friendship, replete with luxury touches.

Colors of mint and chocolate envelope the interior. Mint exudes a refreshing and relaxing, calming effect and dashes of chocolate emulate the decadence everyone deserves.

Bella Bella Salon.  A full-service salon with an ensemble of extraordinary professionals who are genuinely caring, fun-loving and specialists at our craft. Composing a memorable experience while achieving the highest standard of excellence for every client is consciously woven throughout our belief system.
A soiree of service options are available to enhance your visit. Our Boutique is a place where people can enjoy the gift of good looks and good feelings.

Bella Bella Salon.  A tapestry of talent and montage of delectables await your arrival. Enter. Revel. Relax into cozy elegance and depart ready to greet the world rejuvinated.